Why is eating right food important?


You might be aware why eating right food is important. Someone or the other must have told you to stay on the right food diet. Eat timely. Don’t skip meals. Eat your foods slow, chew them properly and eat food like medicine etc etc.
If you ask me what is the link between nutritious food on health.

There are many benefits of right food that I am sure everyone is aware of, some of the basics are:

  • Provides energy.
  • Body growth.
  • Maintenance or repair of broken tissues.

 The impact of wrong food on your health.

You might be aware that people started getting acquainted with obesity as they start growing up. It’s not just obesity. Obesity is the base of many common health problems we have heard of like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension (High blood pressure), osteoporosis and many more.

Knowledge of eating food habits is as important as getting educated in schools and colleges. Both of them work with a similar motive. I guess that is leading to a happier life. But there is least amount of emphasis on educating people about food.
Today approximately about 30 percent of the world is dealing with the disease called as obesity. It is becoming one the most severe epidemic people are facing. But no one care to talk about it.

But I am here to tell you why does it happen?


Why is eating right food important?

What are basic components of food and what amongst them do we need to consume?

You know our normal diet lacks in many factor. Its haywire, unstructured and absolutely not in right proportion. This means, it provides with something we need more in less amount and something that we don’t need in excessive amount.

How do we define food?

Food is anything that the body needs for providing energy, growth and maintenance and working on various processes in the body.
Materials that stimulate such activities are called nutrients.

There are six basic types of nutrients food provides.

They can be listed as-:

  • Carbohydrates:

You know carbohydrates are the basic source of energy in the body.
It is present in form of sugars, starches and fiber.

Is carbohydrate good or bad?
Carbohydrates are really inexpensive source of energy in comparison with other nutrients. And our food is full with a large of amounts of carbs. They are mainly present in the form of sugars, starches and fiber.
At the same time its study is very important because as it is a basic constituent of the food we eat. It has various effects on our health too.

Carbs can be narrowed down into two parts.

  • Available carbs – Such type of carbs are easily digested in the body.
  • Unavailable carbs – Are not easily digestive, because our body lacks enzymes they need to respond.

Pro tip- Unavailable carbs doesn’t mean you don’t need them.

Some facts about carbs:

  • Our daily diet should consist of not less than 100 g of carbs.
  • Carbs are essentially required for the transformation of fat into energy. i.e Keto diet.
  • It is the cheapest source of energy available.
  • Glucose a form of carbs is the form of energy or the only form of energy to be used by central nervous system. This mean brain does receive proper energy when blood glucose level falls and vice versa.
  • Carbs in deficiency enables fat to break which later starts producing ketones in large amounts, resulting in condition called as ketosis. Dietary fiber plays a very vital role in increasing mass which by holding and soaking water, eliminate residual facial waste.
  • Fiber also helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the body.

What does deficiency of carbs in the diet do?

Deficiency of carbs is a myth in a country like India. Where majorly we rely on cereal based food. But if body lacks carbs the body starts using the healthy fat stored in the body to use as an energy. This results in body turning lean and very thin.

What does excess carbs do?

As a deficiency of carbs results into some more trivial problems. The excess of carbs results into more.

Such as-:

  • Excessive carbs in the form of sugar generally depresses your appetite to some extent and it provides hollow calories which results in malnutrition.
  • Excessive carbs gets converted into fat which leads in a condition of obesity.
  • Excess of carbs in the form of fiber results into irritational intestine which leads to a bloat in stomach and cramps due to gas formation.


Few rich sources of carbs that are readily available and can be a part of our everyday food.

Wheat, rice, oats, lentils, rajmah (Kidney beans), green peas, potatoes, banana, ground nuts, sugar, jaggery.

Pro tip – Now calculate the size of the food and carbs it offers  and design your diet according to that. It should be a mix of everything like some carbs from dietary fibre , a little from sugar etc
Make sure you should not take it in excess and also not lack at it.


  • Proteins:

Protein is the only nutrient present in food that leads to the development of new cells and helps in rebuilding tissues.

Some quick facts about protein:

  • The body growth:
  • It helps in the maintenance of broken tissues in the body.
  • Just like carbs, proteins also provide energy.
  • Proteins are made up of important units called as amino acids.
  • No two Proteins in food are the same it depends on the amount and kind of amino acids present in that food. Even if one amino acid is missing, protein cannot be synthesized.

Level of protein required by your body depends on few factors:

  1. Your body weight –
    Ideally our body needs 1g/kg body weight it’s the same for both men and women.
  2. Your health goal –
    Several people who are following some strict regime for building large muscles require and can consume that amount of protein.
  3. Some ongoing health issues –
    Malnutrition or unhealthy people requires high level of protein.
  4. Quality of Protein intake –
    Quality of intake of protein which means the food you are using as a source for protein.

How to improve protein quality:

  • This involves using a small quantity of protein from different sources in your meal.
  • Generally some plant food misses the level of protein. Mixing of plant based food with other may do the work for you. Like mixing beans with broccoli.
  • Animal based protein.
  • Protein Indian diet.
    Some cereals and pulses with some green leafy vegetables will get the deal for you.
    Like Rajma (Kidney beans) rice (brown rice will be the best), missi roti, idli .
  • Plants based proteins mixed with animal based proteins are one the best food combination.
    Plants based protein mixed with little animal protein is more effective than consuming just animal based protein.

What happens when body lacks protein?

Few very basic problems that are faced are:

  1. Deficiency in infants leads to a disease called as kwashiorkor (deficiency of protein).
  2. Loss of weight, increase of fatigue, lesser resistance to infections etc are very common.

What happens when protein is in excess?

  1. First you start losing a lot of money because it’s bit expensive to follow.
  2. High Protein intake is a burden on liver and kidneys.
  3. It increases the risk of high blood levels of cholesterol.
  4. Loss of calcium through urine.

Some readily available sources of proteins:

Protein from some sources like eggs, meat, pulses, ground nuts, vegetables, paneer (cottage cheese) are easy and not so expensive to follow.

Protip – Many vegetables when not accompanied with anything are not a source of protein and also many fruits consist of no proteins.
Animal food sources provide highest quality of proteins such as meat, fish, shell fish, poultry and organ meats.

When looking for right protein source start mixing the diet, such as veggie with chicken breast is one of those dish you can try.


  • Fats:

Function of fats –

  • Provides energy.
  • Increases the effect of Protein
  • Fat is very essential for some hormone such as sex hormone.
  • Fat slows the production of gastric juice and speed of digestion.

Well do you feel amazed by seeing this? All this time people thought to reduce the level of obesity the best way is to stop the consumption of fat whereas adequate amount of fat is important for the body to meet its daily requirements.

What does deficiency of fat do?

  • Results to the condition obesity (body weight 20 percent more than what’s normal).
  • Leads to cardiovascular diseases.
  • Toad skins.
  • Results in characteristic eczema and skin lesions.

Some tips to reduce the intake of fat in your normal diet. 

  • Start using cow milk or skimmed milk and its products instead.
  • Steam, boil, and poach food in place of frying / roasting.
  • Avoid pastries for desserts use fruits instead.
  • In you are so fond of flavor in food use herbs, spices and lime juice instead of fats..
  • Substitute pickles with dry powdered chutneys of flax and Niger seeds
  • While encapsulation of animal based food in diet use lean meat and remove visible fat.
  • Use a low fat dressing for your salad.


  • Water:

I think the value of water as a nutrition should not be undermined. Do you know water is the most vital constituent our body needs?

       I will tell you why and how?

  • Water is of utmost importance for structuring and functioning of all cells and tissues in the body.
  • Sources of water except from the water we drink are from beverage and from the food.
  • Water works as a medium for all the chemical reactions in the body and also as a lubricant, temperature regulator and source that helps in excreting the waste products.
    Pro tip – An adult should consume a minimum of 4-5 liters of water every day for proper functioning of body.


  • Vitamins:

Vitamins are categorized as micro nutrients which means our body needs it in very less amount. That also doesn’t mean our body doesn’t need it.

Vitamins and it’s sources

  • Fat soluble vitamins.
  1. Vitamins A – It is present in animal food only, start feeding your body with animal based products.
    Caratone which is said to be as an precursor of vitamin A is found in yellow, orange, red fruits and vegetables, green vegetables.
  2. Vitamin D Sunlight is the required source for it.
  3. Vitamin E and vitamin K Although such vitamins so much widespread in nature. It’s deficiency is rarely seen.
  • Water soluble
  1. B complex
  2. Vitamin C – Found in fresh fruits, vegetables and sprouted grain

Pro tip – Nowadays there many multi vitamins pills available in the market. It can be taken as substitute if you feel your body is not being able to meet vitamins expectations.
Animal food is always good option for the body.


  • Minerals:

The last comes in the category is minerals. They can be said to be an inorganic elements required by the body to carry out its functions properly.

Functions involve.

  • Minerals help in regulating the activities of nerves.
  • They control water balance.
  • They helps in activating enzymes.
  • Minerals are of utmost importance in forming the structural components of bones, teeth, muscles, soft tissues, blood.
  • Carry crucial importance in clotting of blood.

Some minerals needed by the body and sources they can be derived from are-

  • Calcium
  1. Milk and milk products eliminating butter, ghee, cream.
  2. Green leafy vegetables specially cabbage, cauliflower, carrot.
  3. Dry fish, nuts, oilseeds.
  4. Pro tip- Take betel leaf with slaked lime it is a rich source of calcium.
  • Phosphorus

Nuts, carrots, fish, milk and meat are rich sources.

  • Iron
  1. Green leafy vegetables, jaggery, liver, organ meats, egg yolk etc are rich sources.
  2. Pro tip– Use of iron cooking utensils while cooking food helps in contributing to the iron level in the body.
  • Iodine

To suffix the level of iodine in the body the salt that is used in cooking is iodized. Apart from this seafood are rich sources of vitamins.

  • Fluorine

Fish, milk and eggs are rich sources of fluorine.

Pro tip – Fluoridation of water to ensure concentration of fluoride is a great way to manage it.

  • Sodium

Milk, green leafy vegetables, egg white, poultry, beetroot are the best sources of sodium.

Pro tip – Sodium additives can be used as a substitute.

  • Potassium

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, pulses are rich sources of potassium.

  • Magnesium

Nuts, whole grains, cheese, milk, fish and meat are some easy source of magnesium rich food.


All you need to do is maintain the right balance of every food nutrients to maintain a stable and healthy diet.
Once you start following these the effects  you will see in the form of mental and physical health are bizarre.
You need to balance your diet in form of carbs intake, protein and fats. Maintaining them together will help you in maintaining the minerals and vitamins level the body needs to function.

Please let us now in the comment box what is your normal diet plan?

How to make a pina colada

Pina colada is a very popular cocktail across globe made with a blend of coconut cream, pineapple juice and white rum.

Pina colada is a Spanish term which means “Strained pineapple”. The origin of pina colada dates back to 19th century and it’s been said that a Puerto Rican pirate Roberto to increase the motivation of their mates gave them a cocktail made up of coconut, it didn’t get any recognition that time because of the death of pirate.

Later a restaurant named barrachina in Puerto Rico quoted that pina colada was founded by a Spanish bartender known as Don Ramon Portas Mingot in 1963.

Let’s directly jump to how this amazing cocktail (pina colada) is prepared.



  1. 120 ml pineapple juice
  2. Coconut cream
  3. 60 ml white rum
  4. Pineapple wedge (for garnish)
  5. Ice cubes

Preparation method:

Blend all the ingredients together along with ice until the mixture turns smooth.

Final touch:

Pour it into a cocktail glass and garnish with whatever you find best (pineapple wedge will do the work for you).

Your cocktail is ready.


Chocolate coconut smoothie

Chocolate coconut smoothie is loved by people across the world not only because it serves various nutritional benefits but also it is a keto friendly and you exactly must be having an idea about how much keto diet is gaining popularity.

For people who have less idea about keto diet, Keto diet is basically a low carb diet, and relies on healthy fats and converts it into energy. Keto diet is not only excellent for quick weight loss but also has various other benefits like its effect on diabetes and other severe chronic illness.

Without wasting much time lets jump to how this delicious and filled with nutrition smoothie is prepared.

Preparation time – 5 Mins.

Number of servings – 1



  1. A cup of canned coconut milk.
  2. Raw cacao powder(sugar free)
  3. Few ice cubes to bring the smoothie to consistency.
  4. Coconut stevia according to the taste required.
  5. Collagen protein.



  1. Take collagen aside.
  2. And put all the other ingredients in a blender and let them mix properly.

  1. Now add collagen and let it lend a bit. Be careful while you blend collagen.
  2. Now pour the smoothie in a owl.
  3. Chill it for 30-40 mins.


Final touch:

Once the smoothie is chilled place it out of the refrigerator and add berries for garnish, you can also add a bit of dark chocolate.

The smoothie is ready to be served. Enjoy!


Recipe of your favourite dalgona coffee

Dalgona coffee recently got a lot more recognition that before when everyone who always thought cooking as their hobby but they didn’t get time, they finally got sometime all credits to this disease called as corona virus because of which entire place got lock down.

Lockdown enabled most of us to cook a bit more than before; as summers are followed it’s the right time to get yourself served with dalgona coffee and its not hard to prepare either.

Dalgona coffee was originated in South Korea and revolutionized from there. Let’s come to the main point that is how is dalgona coffee prepared.

How is dalgona coffee prepared?


Preparation time – 5 minutes

Servings – 1

(Note) – My 1 tbsp is equal to 20 g.

Ingredients –

  • 1 tbsp Instant coffee.
  • I tbsp hot water.
  • 1 tbsp sugar.
  • Milk (Hot or chilled any would go).



  • Add instant coffee, hot water and sugar in a bowl and mix them up properly.

  • After all of them is mixed use hand blender or any hand mixer and whisk the coffee mixture for about 3-4 minutes. Until the mixture turn fluffy.


  • Add ice cubes in your glass and pour over milk and add the whipped coffee on the top of milk.


Final touch:

Add chocolate or coffee powder or honey to the top for better flavor.

Your dalgona coffee is now ready to serve. Enjoy!

How will corona virus affect food industry?

Covid- 19 is hitting everyone, but food industry is going to be the one of most hard hit industry because, other manufacturing companies can cope with the loss made after this pandemic ends. But, in the case of non manufacturing companies it’s a matter of time always, once it’s lost it’s lost. Also another reason for food industry to less likely revive from some time now is because of threat in people’s mind of getting affected

As per an article in economic time, one of the sectors worst affected by Covid-19 will be food services, estimated at Rs 4,23,865 crore in India and employing more than 700,000 people, according to the National Restaurant Association of India.


 There are other numerous reasons as to why food industry is most likely to get suffered:


  • People will prefer to eat less likely from food stall:

According to experts corona might spread from food that is there in low temperature. Which means this virus stays in food with low temperature for a long period of time.

Second factor is obviously the hygiene of the road side stalls. Third is even if road side stalls manage to maintain hygiene but people will always be susceptible about it because of the fear of not getting affected with it.

  • End of social dining culture:

Social dining has always been one the oldest practices in India. Sitting together in large groups and having meal is very common practice in India or over the world. Be it in the form of gala dinner or be it religious feast in India various times. Again the reason would be the impact in people’s mind because of COVID – 19, issue of hygienity and people will always be ambiguous about their safety while social dining.  As this threat will remain intact in the mind of people for a very long time now.

  • Less online food deliveries:

Although it’s been said that corona will increase online deliveries of food. But according to me corona virus will reduce the amount of online deliveries in India.  Reason being ambiguous minds about where is the delivery boy coming from and what is basic hygiene maintained by the restaurant while cooking and delivering the food. Recently a video got viral in India, wherein a person who parcels food was caught eating the food midway.

Suspicious mindset is a very big factor in India and this incident hiked suspicion more. Although there was no effect seen after that incident on the sale as the online food delivery market was emerging. But people always tend to jot down the entire factor while coming to a conclusion.

  • Covid 19 will hit startups who were striving in many ways:

It is very evident that people who were struggling to step their foot in the market are more likely to get hit in many ways. Be it they don’t have gained trusted customers till now who can trust their service and quality and come to eat their

Also according to an article, which says domestic startups that were in talks with Asian investors, primarily China-based ones, have put them on hold as a direct impact of the pandemic, Therefore its quite evident that many startups are going to struggle with funds..

  • Employees are more likely to lose their jobs:

Foods outlets will remain shut for some time now and the outlet sales are likely to get lower for some time now. Which already have made food services in loss therefore to make sure that the outlet does not get in more loss there will definitely be a cut in employees to maintain the profit.

Although expert says that, this won’t be a good step to take as now every other mode and tourism is on a hold. But, as soon as this gets over people who are starving to go out will do that and this might increase the customers industry starts getting. As food industry needs some trained employee, you just cannot keep anyone in the service as hygiene and quality will be the most important factor customers are going to notice from now, at least at the places they are paying. So to be in the market they will have to do that.

  • Food prices are likely to go up:

In the name of healthy and more quality food, food prices at the restaurant are very likely to skyrocket. Biggest reason being earlier there were restaurants or food stalls who used basic products for cooking but now the situation demands more healthy and quality food.

Another factor will be again supply and demand. Although it’s been said by the government that prices of commodities such as vegetables etc won’t go up but practical picture gives a different image.

  • Non vegetarian food outlets are more likely to suffer:

With rumors still sticking that corona virus spreads especially through non-vegetarian food like eggs, chicken, mutton and seafood. Although government and other bodies such as World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) as well as the Indian food safety regulator FSSAI have stated that there is not a single evidence to prove transmission of corona virus from animals to human and asked people not to pay attention to them.

But again the fear of what if will surely hit their sales for at least some time from now.

  • Catering industry is going to get slow for some time:

As per my research and prediction about catering industry they are going to slow for some time now again the reason being people will be less likely interested in having a big function, the function are going to be small for some time now which will slow the market of catering industry. The price of commodities is going to get high because of this.

  • Slow down of transportation (flights, and other mode of transportation):

Curb on transportation will not allow tourism in India which is going to be a very big factor for slowing down of sale. And also their will be less tourism in the corona hit countries in the near future. Therefore this is going to be another reason why food outlets sale might go down.


What could be done to allay the repercussions from covid- 19


  • People have started using up selling techniques to keep business afloat. A restaurant in gurgaon has been giving people movie tickets along with their meal in order to catch eye of their customers which probably is one of the good things to retain in the business.
  • With people having hygiene as a most important factor for not going out to eat or using any outlet services. It’s the time to use hyper hygiene methods and at the same time it’s very important to make customers believe that everything is being done to make customers not suffer.

Hyper hygiene steps involve:

  1. Using sanitizer every often by every individual who is the part of outlet.
  2. Sanitizing every other thing on frequent intervals including the outlet and places nearby,
  3. Reminding people not share cutlery, plates etc while they are a part of some family meal.
  4. Videos always running down in big screen reminding people about important steps to be taken.
  5. A big projector screen which specially should be formulated to see if everyone is following hygiene checklist.
  6. Supply of proper masks and gloves to the staffs specially the kitchen staff and service people.

7. Body temperature to be checked before anyone enters the zone.

8. Biometric system that every other company uses shouldn’t be used to lessen the chances of people getting affected because of that.

  • Big name in the market can explore other business channel to cope up their sales and to utilize everything to the maximum. This also might be the time where they can experiment with new things they wanted to do in the past.

Let us know in the comment section what do you think might alleviate or aggravate the impact in the food industry?

5 strongest alcoholic drinks of the world.

If you ever that thought that no drink is making you go tipsy. These 5 drinks are definitely going to blow your mind and is capable to let you face stars at any time you drink them. They come up with a couple of statutory warning on their label. Statutory warning are the warning that tell the consumer to be preventive while its consumption. Like you might have seen in the cigarette boxes “ smoking is injurious to health”.

I would like to first explain few words, that will quite often be used in article that need to be explained in the beginning for you to have a better understanding of this article.

Proof- This is what you might have seen a lot wheresover alcohol content is mentioned. Proof is a term to measure alcohol content and is generally double the alchohol content of the bottle. Like 80% proof means 40% alcohol.

ABV- It is alcohol by volume. ABV is as plain it is, like 40% ABV would mean 40% alcohol.

5 strongest drinks in the world.

Hapsburg Gold Absinthe:

This 179 proof is also known green fairy because of its appearance. Although this bottle comes with a tagline “There is no rule”, but only rule to drink Hapsburg gold absinthe  it to follow one rule that is to  take it as a mixer else the consequences will be brutal.

The drink is consumed many a times for the treatment of hallucination these days and can be used when someone likes to go into his own zone for a point of time.

Bruichladdich X4:  

Spelt as “Brook-laddie”, this is 184 proof drink which makes it a very high content alcoholic drink.

Bruichladdich X4 is a lightly sweet and malty whisky they are best consumed when drank when prepared as a mixer in cocktails specially cocktails with water and herbs. Don’t just mistake this whisky with some normal whisky out there it has cut evry capability to a be a reason behind a burnt throat when consumed neat.

Best drank consumed as mixer in some cocktails or dilute it with a lot of whatever you want to dilute it, just don’t think aout consuming it straight.

Sunset rum:

 This 84.5% ABV drink has been the winner of world best over proof rum by world rum awards in 2016.

A product of St. Vincent distillery comes up with a label to drink it with mixer. Straight rum can not only cause burning sensations but can actually burn also.

Pro tip- Is best consumed when heavy diluted with a mixer or it can best be used as a float for cocktails. You can consume it with tropical fruit juices which will bring out the citrus taste of rum.

Pincer shanghai strength:

An 88.88% alcohol by volume is a from a family of vodka. If you ever thought that vodka is best consumed neat. Please don’t mistake it with some normal vodka drinks. It made in Glasgow.

Drink has a very refreshing taste of elderflower and milk thistle. A large variety of fruits like blueberries, wild berries are used while they prepare it. Drink is the perfect suite for cocktails which can give them a different taste from other cocktails. Other experiments can be done using this vodka as a mixture.

“Do whatever you want to do, just don’t consume it straight “.


With 95% ABV (190 proof) is undoubtedly one of the strongest drinks ever. Everclear is a rectified spirit produced by an American company called as Luxco, which also bottled in 120 proof and 160 proof category.

Everclear is completely tasteless. odorless and colorless its so strong that the bottle itself comes with many statutory warnings to follow. The drink got a notorious image because of its excessive alcohol content and producer asks the consumer to drink this spirit in dilution with liquids to make this drink worthy of consumption. Because of its reputation in the market its supply got ban at various locations.

A must try drink if you are somewhere fond of alcohol but drink it with absolute caution so that it doesn’t get on your nerves.

All of these bottles aren’t available in India unluckily. As per the rules India does not supply bottle with alcohol content more than 50% ABV

Pro tip- If you ever come across any of these bottles it will be best to first read the label and then consume it accordingly. If you don’t want to zone out for sometime from them or if you don’t want to hurt your throat, liver etc

Spinach soup

Total time requirement – 50 min.

Spinach being a highly nutritious food item is the best fit for many dishes. One of them is spinach soup. The best part about spinach soup is that you don’t have to really wait for the season, you can have it any point of time. It is also a very easily cooked dish also very less time taking and also cheap at the same point of time.

Spinach soup is perfect for people who has a problem with raw spinach or cooked one too.  

You can add par- boiled vegetables to the soup and chicken or fish according to your choice.

Here is how you can prepare perfect spinach soup for you.


  • Little butter/ olive oil or you can always use vegetable oil in case you don’t have initial two.
  • 1 Tej patta / bay leaf
  • 1/2 medium onion (finely chopped)
  • 2 cups milk (fat-free)
  • Spinach
  • A pinch sugar
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper (freshly ground, to taste)
  • Chopped celery
  • Chopped onion
  • 1 tbsp corn flour
  • Garlic
  • Cloves

Preparation tips:

  • Add butter into a large kadhai and allow it to melt, add bay leaf and allow it turn read.
  • Then add chopped onions to it.
  • Add garlic and cloves to it after onion is done.
  • Add properly cleaned palak (spinach) to the kadhai.
  • Sauté them on low flame and keep palak there till it starts shrinking.
  • As soon as you see them shrinking in size automatically remove it from the kadhai.
  • Now allow it to cool in some other utensils.
  • After its cooled, make puree of it with the help of blender or mixer.

 Cooking tips:

  • Add puree to the kadhai and add 2 cups of milk (Fat less milk is more preferred) and allow it to cook properly. (You can add par boiled veggies or chicken chunks according to your choice here)
  • In the meanwhile, add black pepper, salt, mix them properly with the mixture.
  • Add corn flour or corn flour mixed with a bit of water (Corn flour paste) as a thickening agent.
  • Allow the puree to boil.
  • There is no limited time till when it should be kept boiling honestly. It depends on how thick or thin your puree is.
  • As soon as puree comes in the consistency of soup.
  •  Put the kadhai down and pour it in a soup bowl.

  Final touch:

    Add some bread crumbs and little cream and its ready to get serve.

    It’s time for you to enjoy this delicious recipe.

Everything you should know about apple cider vinegar


What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented beverage made out of the apple juice. In ancient tradition the recipe to make it was widely use to get rid of many diseases. It was one of the most effective home remedies produced.

It goes to a process of crushing apples first using machines or some other method. Next apple juice is exposed with yeast which converts the sugar content of the apples into alcohol.  Next the alcohol content is finally fermented to make it vinegar.

ACV (apple cider vinegar) is mostly available in three forms, out which two are liquids known as filtered and unfiltered.

Filtered is light in color and odor, while the unfiltered one is dark and heavy in odor.

Third variety is in the form of tablets for people who cannot digest apple cider vinegar with water or tea.

The health benefits of taking few drops of ACV(Apple cider vinegar) with water or anything are bizarre.

Let’s discuss some of the important benefits of ACV to the body:

Benefits of ACV:

  1. Weight loss –

Lately people have started using it as a drink for weight loss which has recently let it gain so much property.

Every time you go to a nutritionist, you are asked to fit apple cider vinegar into your routine. This is because of the acetic acid level content in ACV which increases metabolism and reduces the water retention level.

ACV also reacts with the digestive starch of the body which makes it good for weight loss.

The best way to drink it early in the morning when 1 tbsp in some water.

  1. Maintaining the blood sugar level –

ACV is believed to support the insulin levels. It is often said to drink apple cider vinegar after high starch meal to lower the blood sugar levels.

Honestly, it just an assumption according to me. On the basis of my research I didn’t got any robust material to back it up. Except there were few people with high insulin level and they got tested if apple cider vinegar is effective in regulating blood sugar level. The results were that those people were found to have lower insulin level.

But at the same time, I will suggest you to please seek doctor’s help, as this is based on some study, that ACV can help you. According to me effectiveness of every other thing is based on the body of a particular person.

You cannot ignore a problem such this for a healthy life.

  1. Clears the skin –

The benefits of apple cider vinegar for clearing the skin are well proved. It is when applied on the skin maintains the PH balance and helps to tone the skin.

It is best for pimples and acne because of the antibacterial properties this has.

Removing skin tags that happen to be most common can be treated using it.

It is also considered best for sunburn and helps the skin in recovering from that. Just add some apple cider vinegar to your bath water and let water soak to your body.  

After sometime your skin PH balance should come back to  the normal.

Be careful in applying it directly to the face. Add half water and half apple cider vinegar and then apply it on the face with the help of cotton.

  1. Best for people with digestive problems-

Apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial properties and has been used as a treatment to so many disease from which dealing with several digestive problem is the best it does.

 It is rich in probiotic which strength its functionality to cure digestive problems.

 It also reduces the acidity in stomach. It can also be taken as a treatment for diarrhea, if it is caused because of bacterial infection.

  1. Excellent for hair-

The acetic acid content in the vinegar changes the PH level of your scalp. This makes it harder from any harmful material to grow specially dandruff related problems.

The best ways to use it for hair is mix vinegar in the scalp after shampoo and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

After that wash your hairs with water and hopefully you see the results.

  1. Improves ph balance –

The acidity in ACV helps in maintaining the PH level.

Like we discussed above it can cure dandruff related problems in men too.

  1. You can use it for cleaning –

 It has antibacterial properties, which makes it best to be utilized as cleanser to so many things like dining table, TV etc. Drop 1-2 spoon in some water and use it as an cleanser.

You can use the same with fruits and vegetables too. Add some vinegar in a bucket full of water and wash your fruits and vegetables into that. It is believed to be best to remove the germs.

  1. Makes teeth stain free –

The antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar can help you with teeth related problems.

Apple cider vinegar makes your teeth rid of various yellow and other stains that are caused because of so many things nowadays.

Just add little vinegar into some water and swish it in your mouth for few minutes. You will hopefully start seeing the results.

      But there is a limitation you do to it.

  1. Provides quick energy –

If u lack in energy, apple cider vinegar can help you provide some quick boost of energy.  It can be mixed in your regular black tea and or simply with some water.

Doing this comes as an healthy option for caffeinated drinks that are available in market in the name of energy booster.

Many people find it harder to drink it with water or tea.  Various solution to this small problem is.

  • You can use it as multiple places like as salad dressing.
  • Flavoring in your mock tails and cocktails. Like. Turmeric pineapple shrub cocktail
  • It can be used while preparation of the food too.

Several side effects of apple cider vinegar are:

  • ACV when taken in over excessive amount may cause the level of potassium to turn too low, which is an important nutrient for the body.
  • It might cause inappropriate stomach feel.
  • It might lower the effect of some medicines.
  • ACV in high quantities might erode the teeth. The high level of acidity in the vinegar might work negativity for your teeth too.
  • Heavy consumption might affect the stomach lining which can cause various intestine problems.
  • Applying ACV directly to face can cause skin burn. Therefore mix it with some other element for face wash and then use it.

Like every other things in the world apple cider vinegar has some limitations too.

But you can’t get affected if you are always maintaining the decorum to drink it. (That is taking apple cider vinegar in small amount).

Tip – In case you experience any of these problems, it best advised to seek a doctor recommendation.

Pro tip– Although it is a health treatment for so many diseases, but don’t precisely use it as an only treatment for diseases.

Consult your doctor before you take it as a substitute to medicines of some kind of problems.

Now it’s my time to seek some advice from you.

What do you use your apple cider vinegar for?

Benefits of drinking chai

Being a chai lover, I absolutely not like people giving chai names such as slow poison, a waste to life etc. I think you must have the same feeling if you landed up here.

Most of the people aren’t aware about the fact that. Use of chai dates back to an ancient era when tribesmen would only brew the tea leaves and started adding spices to it, to give it some kind of flavour. They later after discovering certain features about chai started using it as an ayurvedic medicine to a lot of health problem.

In India chai is not just a beverage, it is much more than that an emotion, a feeling etc.


You know chai is ubiquitous in nature. Like you have a guest at home you offer chai. You go to some event they offer you chai. Students bored between there classes needs chai. Actually it’s an emotion that people carry alongside. People have their mood associated with chai. A good or bad chai makes or breaks mood.

For me chai is a remedy of many problems in just one cup. What else would one need?

You might have been told about some reasons as to why you shouldn’t drink chai. But, I will give you some benefits of drinking tea.

Reasons why one should have chai. (Benefits of drinking tea):

Helps digestion:

Few people have this common practice of drinking chai after meals. This aids digestion.

Your ideal cup of tea is a perfect cure to a bloat stomach. This is an every now and then problem of people all around the world.

Ingredients in your tea especially ginger make it a perfect for treating digestive ailment. It provides rich oxidants to the intestine which eases the circulation and makes it fit.

In a study of research on chai, “ Researchers said, ginger, elaichi (cardamom), clover, black pepper possess antibacterial properties which is a perfect treatment for a upset stomach and prevents stomach against many severe stomach problem that are result of non proper digestion such as stomach ulcer, improper bowel movement, several liver diseases and many the list is endless.

Chai makes you active:

The pungent smell of chai and aroma that it carries makes it a perfect beverage for waking you up after a long sleep.

Research on chai proves that, “Normally a person who is about to sleep, can stay awake till a certain point of time after tea wakes them up.

In India there is a custom of bed tea, which means to drink tea immediately after you wake up. People have believed that tea allows them to stay energetic and wakes them up in one go. How many beverages does that to you?

Chai is Perfect for lungs:

You know as per as research today, Almost 70 percent people all around suffer with big or small lung related problems. The reason could be anything such as pollution, consumption of wrong food or use of hazardous substances (such as cigarette, pipes) etc.

Chai is rich in antioxidants which make it turn into one of the best beverage for lungs. Ginger and cloves are believed to clear lungs from tar which is normally covers lungs because of taking bad air or excessive smoke and convert into a much better one.

Chai as immunity booster:

Chai when drank in the right amount increases immunity against a long list of diseases. Like by improving digestive problem it makes your stomach less susceptible to the problem associated with it. Cloves used in chai is believed to make teeth’s stronger. Improving lungs prevents to from the problem related to the cough. Etc.

Chai for a healthy heart:

 Your cup of chai turns your heart into a good remedy for several heart diseases. It been said that ingredient specially ” cinammon” which is a often taken as a treatment for lowering blood cholesterol level and reduces the blood pressure in one go.

You know many heart diseases are very common and you start falling into its range once you start aging. Tea helps you a lot in fighting against those diseases.

Improves hormone:

A fact that tea improves the hormone is much not believed by any. But, its  actually true. I will explain it to you why?

You know what reduces or slows the balance of hormone?

It’s our body getting trapped to the diseases. Chai is a remedy to so many problem makes you fit to go and increases the level of hormone, especially in women .

Stress reliever:

If you are a student, I know you can relate to it. Or even anyone who has asked themselves if chai reduces the stress. They get their answer accordingly.  A chai break between a stressful work to make you more work efficient. 

Chai is effective in aiding menstrual cramps:

You all might be well aware what a menstruation pain feels like if you are women. It makes you unable to work properly, makes your mood directed towards that pain itself and reduces your efficiency a lot.

Ginger tea is believed to be a support system for reducing menstrual pain to an extent and is said to reduce cramps by the women who has been taking this as a treatment now. A study on dysmenorrhoea (which is a biological term for “menstrual cramps”) reveals that women who took ginger as an ingredients were found to have less pain and pain for a shorter time.

Chai as a pain killer:

Chai benefits by delivering the oxygen rich blood cells which in effect starts reducing the pain by increasing the circulation near the pain area.

Several researchers have laid special emphasis on saying, “chai reduces the bone related pain like arthritis pain”.

Reduces nausea, chances of cancer and tumor growth:

The fact that chai can be taken as a treatment for such big diseases is not made up. Different ingredients and spices used make it a fit match for treatment of such problem.

Like ginger supplies anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Cloves used are said to be one of highest antioxidant spice.

The combination of all of this mixed into a single cup of chai makes it a treatment for nausea, reduces the symptoms of tumor and cancer cells.

Chai as a detox drink-

Supplies antioxidants to the body which is pretty much helpful in detoxifying the body. High load of antioxidants supplied from chai flushes out the toxins that are there because of excessive use caffeine. Like consumption of cigarettes, pipes, alcohol or may be because of environmental factor.

Chai as mood regulator:

You know, around the world, a perfect cup of tea can make or break a mood. Association of anything that touches our taste gland will do that you. But, chai is a custom. People just rely on chai and some snack and spend their day on that.( Although its not good things to do.

Researches have noticed an observant mood getting spoiled in case his cup of chai is not made up to the mark.


An ideal cup of tea (CHAI) has:

When served with sugar and milk:

Energy – 105 K cal.

Carbs – 8 g                               

Protein – 2.5 g

Fat – 3.7 g


Pro tip – “Excess is always harmful”

Chai tea have enormous amount of health benefits. But, like everything the world this beverage also has certain limitations. Which means consumption not be done in very heavy amount.

 Don’t forget that chai is caffeinated.  This means your cup of tea supplies caffeine to your body in every single dose. Some caffeine from the body easily gets filtered from body. But if there is a consumption of too much caffeine from tea. It can increase anxiety, fatigue, extremely serious kidney condition and insomnia.

 Pro tip – Also the chai you brew, is much better than the packaged one you get. As you never have an idea about how they prepare, what kind of sugar they use etc. Its always good to make your ideal cup of tea according to you.



10 high potassium foods every diet needs – Easiest and cheapest to avail


Potassium is as important as calcium and as important as every other mineral. The problem with potassium is you don’t talk about maintaining the level of potassium in the body. Ask how many times you have thought about maintaining potassium as much you thought about maintaining proteins, fats etc. The answer would be not many times.

But the fact is potassium deficiency can directly affect your body to generate nerve impulse. It just that we haven’t thought about it much.

But the fact is potassium deficiency can directly affect your body to generate nerve impulse. It just that we haven’t thought about it much.

What is potassium and why is it important?

Potassium is one of the most crucial minerals needed by the body. It plays a major role in providing overall health balance such as maintaining the blood cholesterol levels, nerve signals, blood pressure, and fluid balance in the body. An average human body needs potassium as much as 4500-5000 mg a day.

10 foods those are cheap and high in potassium are-

  1. Fruits –

  Such as banana, pomegranate and watermelon-

Banana contains 422 mg; pomegranate contains around 666 mg and watermelon around 322 mg of potassium. Not only phosphorous these fruits are heavily loaded with important minerals and vitamins such as  and makes you less likely to be minerals and vitamins deficient of anything.

  1. Leafy green vegetables –

Leafy such as spinach contains 550-560 mg of potassium in a normal serving. Except than that green vegetables are rich in iron content which is another very important mineral for the growth of body. Iron helps in making the muscles and bones strong. Also they are heavily loaded with vitamin A.

Spinach are rich in antioxidants which helps them as a best fit for reducing blood pressure level, which is an common disease faced by people as they start growing up.

Pro tip- Although raw spinach is not bad, but small kids have problem in digesting it. You can cook it properly. Don’t forget to wash spinach properly before you start doing anything with it.

  1. Tomatoes –

Although tomato is a fruit but I would like to keep it separate to that category because eating tomato can do wonder to health. An easy to get fruit and loaded with sufficient nutrients.

 Tomatoes has a potassium level as high 550-560 gm not only this, they are high in fiber which is another important thing your body needs, vitamins, antioxidants and other essential minerals. A rich tomato diet is said to reduce the chances of prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Tomatoes can be baked to be make it edible for you. You can use it anytime or any day in your meals. Tomatoes in the form of tomato sauce is not a bad option although but beware of the ingredients it is made using.


  1. Dairy products –

Dairy products such as milk and yoghurt come with a lots and lots of calcium, essential vitamins, minerals, potassium and what not. They are one of the things that is there in every home and can taken as any form. Try to have them as plain as they are.

Other dairy items from them would milk, butter milk again they are filled with essential nutrients your body needs to grow.


  1. Beans –

 Beans that are white and black are high in potassium and also other necessary minerals for the body.  They are just very simple to avail and can be eaten in any form according to your edibility.

Black beans have quercetin and saponin which works quite well for heart

Beans are an excellent source to strengthen the bones.


  1. Potatoes –

Baked sweet potatoes majorly

Potatoes such as baked and sweet potatoes provide one of the best nutrients to the body, in a very small budget.  They are not only high in fiber and potassium but also rich in vitamin A and C except  than that they have carbs in them, limited protein and some fat, which makes it a food item to eat

The value of sweet potatoes such not be undervalued as they supply antioxidants to the body, which can prevent body from falling into the zone of chronic disease such as several kinds of cancer, heart diseases.

  1. Vegetables –

Vegetables such as Peas, broccoli, carrot are excellent source for phosphorous and give you a mixed nutrition. Also they are cheap and very easy to inculcate in your diet. They can be used in salads you can eat them boiled, make some dish out of it. You can always experiment with the food to make it edible.

Peas are loaded with most of the essential vitamin and minerals, what makes peas worthy of eating is high protein content that many vegetable are unable to provide.

Carrots are special because they are a excellent weight loss food, high in fiber and also they are rich in beta carotene which makes carrot an excellent source of vitamin A and it makes body immunity much strong.

Broccoli is an excellent source of protein and is essentially rich in fiber with almost 0 fat content in it. Which makes it a best to fit in any diet.


  1. Beets –

Beet roots can be eaten straight and its leaves can be consumed too.  Not only are they rich source of potassium but also most of vitamins. They can be consumed raw or cooked, people make pickle which again a great way to make it edible.

Beet roots are linked with major health benefits but some of best are increases the blood flow, makes body good enough to fight against immunity and also is best for with high blood pressure.

Pro tip- Eat it raw mostly.


  1. Dry fruits –

Apricots, dry raisins are a good source of phosphorous, fiber and what not. They come up as an healthy snacks options and can be eaten quite often.

      Raisins are believed to be beneficial since a long time, essentially loaded with a lot of  fiber and it is one of the very cheap dry fruits that you can make use of.

      Expect than you can dry the banana and consume them like that or you can make powder out of dried banana’s and add it in your daily dosage of milk.


  1. Brown rice –

  Brown rice is an easy and cheap substitute for our normal white rice. High in potassium and fiber, brown rice has almost everything that make it rght consumption for the day.

  Brown is also high in antioxidant which also lowers the chances of some serious chronic illness such as cancer etc. It’s a best fit for people wth diabetic isssues and lowers the cholesterol level too.


     What is your normal diet to load the phosphorous content


Foods with fiber – Easiest and cheapest source.

What is fiber? – Easiest and cheapest sources of fiber.

When you plan your diet plan your diet like a nutritionist” is one of the most common advice every one of us might have heard of. While we were on some kind of routine checkup.

Now what does that mean?

This means, vitamins are as important as protein, minerals are as important as carbs, fiber is as important as fats, in a nutshell all of them are as important as other for your body to grow and breathe. You just need to keep a balance of all of these things:

Why is fiber important for our body and what are the easy sources you can get it from.

Before starting this, I want you to look at the fiber level needed by the body, according to our age:

What is fiber?

In short fiber is a type of carbs that our body is incapable to digest. Fibers are essentially very important to the body because of the quality it is full of. Every diet should be stuffed with some fiber sources that help in many of things. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Health benefits of fiber:

  • Fibers are best for your intestines.
  • Controls the blood sugar level.
  • Makes your stomach feel full which in return lets you achieve a good healthy weight,
  • Lowers cholesterol level.
  • Helps in bowel movement.
  • Prevents from several heart diseases.

What are the easy sources to look fiber from?

Below mentioned are the easiest and cheapest sources of fiber that you can buy from any normal grocery shop at your doorstep. According to their type:


  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Brown rice
  • Wheat


  • Oatmeal
  • Bran flakes

Best fiber comes from fruits and vegetables

Fruits andvegetables are the healthiest food option. Below mentioned are fruits and vegetable filled with nutrients specially fiber.


  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Berries(Berries are the best of everything)
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries

If you cannot fruits straight put eat them mixed in cereal that is oats etc. Like slices of banana cut into your oats.

You can also mix the fruits in your daily cup of yoghurt,  or you can make smoothies out of them.

Dessert has got no goods replace it with fruits

Replace desserts with fruits such as Papaya, banana, apple, or pear, at the end of a meal.

Protip – Sliced fruit is more helpful than any kind of juices etc.


  • Broccoli can be used with anything by you. Encapsulate them in pasta, baked vegetables and what not.
  • Carrot
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes well not so many or sweet potatoes
  • Cauliflower is a good source
  • Peas

Pro tip- Make your salad out of it, salad is very important for your overall health


If you are so fond of snacks, that most of us are. Try to incorporate healthy snacks into diet. They are loaded with not only fibers but they will provide calcium, proteins and every other thing.

While you are on some kind of shopping routine and you think of buying snacks. Look for the following things majorly:

  Snacks with fiber and whole grains

·      Minimize refined grains

·      Exclude products with sugar in the form of corn syrup, corn syrup, high fructose, syrup nade up of malts and dextrose.

·      Low sodium snacks

·      Stay away from artificial preservatives for overall health.

Dry fruits:                                                 

Dry fruits are one of the healthiest snacks options from you. They are stuffed with some healthy fat, protein, fiber and other important things that yours body needs to do well.

·        Peanuts

·        Walnuts

·        Apricots

·        Raisins


Protip – While going for some snacks options try to have snacks that are made up of whole wheat’s like whole wheat sandwich, whole wheat burger etc. As you know whole wheat is a healthy option for not only fiber but other minerals as well.

Research says veg burger has 300% more fiber than a non-veg burger.

If you crave for sugar or chocolates while you are some kind of diet eat dark chocolate either.

Butter milk can be drank quite often it is a good beverage for intestinal problems and cleanses skin.


Beans –

Nothing cheaper and as effective as beans. Beans have got everything your body will get benefitted from. Using them quite often will let you not deficient of fiber and you will see major health shifts

Some of easy and cheapest of them are:

·        Black beans

·        Lima beans

·        Kidney beans

·        Chickpeas (Garbanzo beans)

You can make a variety of meals using them. They are rich in proteins, vitamins, fiber and other essential nutrients your body needs 

Some quick bakery tips-

·        When going to a bakery look for whole wheat products, brown bread etc. Whole wheat breads are excellent for watching out diabetes.

·        While you bake at home use whole grain flour quite often.

·        When baking breads using yeast, use yeast in a good amount.

·        Banana bread is a good alternative. While making pizza use other forms that are rich in nutrients.( Use whole grain products quite often), for toppings you can go for mushroom, spinach, beans and spinach etc

There comes a healthy alternative for everything in life, so has your food. How adamant are you to make it or break it, will break the ice”


Now a quick question for you.

What are food items you use that helps you maintain your average fiber level?