Benefits of drinking chai

Being a chai lover, I absolutely not like people giving chai names such as slow poison, a waste to life etc. I think you must have the same feeling if you landed up here.

Most of the people aren’t aware about the fact that. Use of chai dates back to an ancient era when tribesmen would only brew the tea leaves and started adding spices to it, to give it some kind of flavour. They later after discovering certain features about chai started using it as an ayurvedic medicine to a lot of health problem.

In India chai is not just a beverage, it is much more than that an emotion, a feeling etc.


You know chai is ubiquitous in nature. Like you have a guest at home you offer chai. You go to some event they offer you chai. Students bored between there classes needs chai. Actually it’s an emotion that people carry alongside. People have their mood associated with chai. A good or bad chai makes or breaks mood.

For me chai is a remedy of many problems in just one cup. What else would one need?

You might have been told about some reasons as to why you shouldn’t drink chai. But, I will give you some benefits of drinking tea.

Reasons why one should have chai. (Benefits of drinking tea):

Helps digestion:

Few people have this common practice of drinking chai after meals. This aids digestion.

Your ideal cup of tea is a perfect cure to a bloat stomach. This is an every now and then problem of people all around the world.

Ingredients in your tea especially ginger make it a perfect for treating digestive ailment. It provides rich oxidants to the intestine which eases the circulation and makes it fit.

In a study of research on chai, “ Researchers said, ginger, elaichi (cardamom), clover, black pepper possess antibacterial properties which is a perfect treatment for a upset stomach and prevents stomach against many severe stomach problem that are result of non proper digestion such as stomach ulcer, improper bowel movement, several liver diseases and many the list is endless.

Chai makes you active:

The pungent smell of chai and aroma that it carries makes it a perfect beverage for waking you up after a long sleep.

Research on chai proves that, “Normally a person who is about to sleep, can stay awake till a certain point of time after tea wakes them up.

In India there is a custom of bed tea, which means to drink tea immediately after you wake up. People have believed that tea allows them to stay energetic and wakes them up in one go. How many beverages does that to you?

Chai is Perfect for lungs:

You know as per as research today, Almost 70 percent people all around suffer with big or small lung related problems. The reason could be anything such as pollution, consumption of wrong food or use of hazardous substances (such as cigarette, pipes) etc.

Chai is rich in antioxidants which make it turn into one of the best beverage for lungs. Ginger and cloves are believed to clear lungs from tar which is normally covers lungs because of taking bad air or excessive smoke and convert into a much better one.

Chai as immunity booster:

Chai when drank in the right amount increases immunity against a long list of diseases. Like by improving digestive problem it makes your stomach less susceptible to the problem associated with it. Cloves used in chai is believed to make teeth’s stronger. Improving lungs prevents to from the problem related to the cough. Etc.

Chai for a healthy heart:

 Your cup of chai turns your heart into a good remedy for several heart diseases. It been said that ingredient specially ” cinammon” which is a often taken as a treatment for lowering blood cholesterol level and reduces the blood pressure in one go.

You know many heart diseases are very common and you start falling into its range once you start aging. Tea helps you a lot in fighting against those diseases.

Improves hormone:

A fact that tea improves the hormone is much not believed by any. But, its  actually true. I will explain it to you why?

You know what reduces or slows the balance of hormone?

It’s our body getting trapped to the diseases. Chai is a remedy to so many problem makes you fit to go and increases the level of hormone, especially in women .

Stress reliever:

If you are a student, I know you can relate to it. Or even anyone who has asked themselves if chai reduces the stress. They get their answer accordingly.  A chai break between a stressful work to make you more work efficient. 

Chai is effective in aiding menstrual cramps:

You all might be well aware what a menstruation pain feels like if you are women. It makes you unable to work properly, makes your mood directed towards that pain itself and reduces your efficiency a lot.

Ginger tea is believed to be a support system for reducing menstrual pain to an extent and is said to reduce cramps by the women who has been taking this as a treatment now. A study on dysmenorrhoea (which is a biological term for “menstrual cramps”) reveals that women who took ginger as an ingredients were found to have less pain and pain for a shorter time.

Chai as a pain killer:

Chai benefits by delivering the oxygen rich blood cells which in effect starts reducing the pain by increasing the circulation near the pain area.

Several researchers have laid special emphasis on saying, “chai reduces the bone related pain like arthritis pain”.

Reduces nausea, chances of cancer and tumor growth:

The fact that chai can be taken as a treatment for such big diseases is not made up. Different ingredients and spices used make it a fit match for treatment of such problem.

Like ginger supplies anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Cloves used are said to be one of highest antioxidant spice.

The combination of all of this mixed into a single cup of chai makes it a treatment for nausea, reduces the symptoms of tumor and cancer cells.

Chai as a detox drink-

Supplies antioxidants to the body which is pretty much helpful in detoxifying the body. High load of antioxidants supplied from chai flushes out the toxins that are there because of excessive use caffeine. Like consumption of cigarettes, pipes, alcohol or may be because of environmental factor.

Chai as mood regulator:

You know, around the world, a perfect cup of tea can make or break a mood. Association of anything that touches our taste gland will do that you. But, chai is a custom. People just rely on chai and some snack and spend their day on that.( Although its not good things to do.

Researches have noticed an observant mood getting spoiled in case his cup of chai is not made up to the mark.


An ideal cup of tea (CHAI) has:

When served with sugar and milk:

Energy – 105 K cal.

Carbs – 8 g                               

Protein – 2.5 g

Fat – 3.7 g


Pro tip – “Excess is always harmful”

Chai tea have enormous amount of health benefits. But, like everything the world this beverage also has certain limitations. Which means consumption not be done in very heavy amount.

 Don’t forget that chai is caffeinated.  This means your cup of tea supplies caffeine to your body in every single dose. Some caffeine from the body easily gets filtered from body. But if there is a consumption of too much caffeine from tea. It can increase anxiety, fatigue, extremely serious kidney condition and insomnia.

 Pro tip – Also the chai you brew, is much better than the packaged one you get. As you never have an idea about how they prepare, what kind of sugar they use etc. Its always good to make your ideal cup of tea according to you.



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