5 strongest alcoholic drinks of the world.

If you ever that thought that no drink is making you go tipsy. These 5 drinks are definitely going to blow your mind and is capable to let you face stars at any time you drink them. They come up with a couple of statutory warning on their label. Statutory warning are the warning that tell the consumer to be preventive while its consumption. Like you might have seen in the cigarette boxes “ smoking is injurious to health”.

I would like to first explain few words, that will quite often be used in article that need to be explained in the beginning for you to have a better understanding of this article.

Proof- This is what you might have seen a lot wheresover alcohol content is mentioned. Proof is a term to measure alcohol content and is generally double the alchohol content of the bottle. Like 80% proof means 40% alcohol.

ABV- It is alcohol by volume. ABV is as plain it is, like 40% ABV would mean 40% alcohol.

5 strongest drinks in the world.

Hapsburg Gold Absinthe:

This 179 proof is also known green fairy because of its appearance. Although this bottle comes with a tagline “There is no rule”, but only rule to drink Hapsburg gold absinthe  it to follow one rule that is to  take it as a mixer else the consequences will be brutal.

The drink is consumed many a times for the treatment of hallucination these days and can be used when someone likes to go into his own zone for a point of time.

Bruichladdich X4:  

Spelt as “Brook-laddie”, this is 184 proof drink which makes it a very high content alcoholic drink.

Bruichladdich X4 is a lightly sweet and malty whisky they are best consumed when drank when prepared as a mixer in cocktails specially cocktails with water and herbs. Don’t just mistake this whisky with some normal whisky out there it has cut evry capability to a be a reason behind a burnt throat when consumed neat.

Best drank consumed as mixer in some cocktails or dilute it with a lot of whatever you want to dilute it, just don’t think aout consuming it straight.

Sunset rum:

 This 84.5% ABV drink has been the winner of world best over proof rum by world rum awards in 2016.

A product of St. Vincent distillery comes up with a label to drink it with mixer. Straight rum can not only cause burning sensations but can actually burn also.

Pro tip- Is best consumed when heavy diluted with a mixer or it can best be used as a float for cocktails. You can consume it with tropical fruit juices which will bring out the citrus taste of rum.

Pincer shanghai strength:

An 88.88% alcohol by volume is a from a family of vodka. If you ever thought that vodka is best consumed neat. Please don’t mistake it with some normal vodka drinks. It made in Glasgow.

Drink has a very refreshing taste of elderflower and milk thistle. A large variety of fruits like blueberries, wild berries are used while they prepare it. Drink is the perfect suite for cocktails which can give them a different taste from other cocktails. Other experiments can be done using this vodka as a mixture.

“Do whatever you want to do, just don’t consume it straight “.


With 95% ABV (190 proof) is undoubtedly one of the strongest drinks ever. Everclear is a rectified spirit produced by an American company called as Luxco, which also bottled in 120 proof and 160 proof category.

Everclear is completely tasteless. odorless and colorless its so strong that the bottle itself comes with many statutory warnings to follow. The drink got a notorious image because of its excessive alcohol content and producer asks the consumer to drink this spirit in dilution with liquids to make this drink worthy of consumption. Because of its reputation in the market its supply got ban at various locations.

A must try drink if you are somewhere fond of alcohol but drink it with absolute caution so that it doesn’t get on your nerves.

All of these bottles aren’t available in India unluckily. As per the rules India does not supply bottle with alcohol content more than 50% ABV

Pro tip- If you ever come across any of these bottles it will be best to first read the label and then consume it accordingly. If you don’t want to zone out for sometime from them or if you don’t want to hurt your throat, liver etc

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