10 high potassium foods every diet needs – Easiest and cheapest to avail


Potassium is as important as calcium and as important as every other mineral. The problem with potassium is you don’t talk about maintaining the level of potassium in the body. Ask how many times you have thought about maintaining potassium as much you thought about maintaining proteins, fats etc. The answer would be not many times.

But the fact is potassium deficiency can directly affect your body to generate nerve impulse. It just that we haven’t thought about it much.

But the fact is potassium deficiency can directly affect your body to generate nerve impulse. It just that we haven’t thought about it much.

What is potassium and why is it important?

Potassium is one of the most crucial minerals needed by the body. It plays a major role in providing overall health balance such as maintaining the blood cholesterol levels, nerve signals, blood pressure, and fluid balance in the body. An average human body needs potassium as much as 4500-5000 mg a day.

10 foods those are cheap and high in potassium are-

  1. Fruits –

  Such as banana, pomegranate and watermelon-

Banana contains 422 mg; pomegranate contains around 666 mg and watermelon around 322 mg of potassium. Not only phosphorous these fruits are heavily loaded with important minerals and vitamins such as  and makes you less likely to be minerals and vitamins deficient of anything.

  1. Leafy green vegetables –

Leafy such as spinach contains 550-560 mg of potassium in a normal serving. Except than that green vegetables are rich in iron content which is another very important mineral for the growth of body. Iron helps in making the muscles and bones strong. Also they are heavily loaded with vitamin A.

Spinach are rich in antioxidants which helps them as a best fit for reducing blood pressure level, which is an common disease faced by people as they start growing up.

Pro tip- Although raw spinach is not bad, but small kids have problem in digesting it. You can cook it properly. Don’t forget to wash spinach properly before you start doing anything with it.

  1. Tomatoes –

Although tomato is a fruit but I would like to keep it separate to that category because eating tomato can do wonder to health. An easy to get fruit and loaded with sufficient nutrients.

 Tomatoes has a potassium level as high 550-560 gm not only this, they are high in fiber which is another important thing your body needs, vitamins, antioxidants and other essential minerals. A rich tomato diet is said to reduce the chances of prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Tomatoes can be baked to be make it edible for you. You can use it anytime or any day in your meals. Tomatoes in the form of tomato sauce is not a bad option although but beware of the ingredients it is made using.


  1. Dairy products –

Dairy products such as milk and yoghurt come with a lots and lots of calcium, essential vitamins, minerals, potassium and what not. They are one of the things that is there in every home and can taken as any form. Try to have them as plain as they are.

Other dairy items from them would milk, butter milk again they are filled with essential nutrients your body needs to grow.


  1. Beans –

 Beans that are white and black are high in potassium and also other necessary minerals for the body.  They are just very simple to avail and can be eaten in any form according to your edibility.

Black beans have quercetin and saponin which works quite well for heart

Beans are an excellent source to strengthen the bones.


  1. Potatoes –

Baked sweet potatoes majorly

Potatoes such as baked and sweet potatoes provide one of the best nutrients to the body, in a very small budget.  They are not only high in fiber and potassium but also rich in vitamin A and C except  than that they have carbs in them, limited protein and some fat, which makes it a food item to eat

The value of sweet potatoes such not be undervalued as they supply antioxidants to the body, which can prevent body from falling into the zone of chronic disease such as several kinds of cancer, heart diseases.

  1. Vegetables –

Vegetables such as Peas, broccoli, carrot are excellent source for phosphorous and give you a mixed nutrition. Also they are cheap and very easy to inculcate in your diet. They can be used in salads you can eat them boiled, make some dish out of it. You can always experiment with the food to make it edible.

Peas are loaded with most of the essential vitamin and minerals, what makes peas worthy of eating is high protein content that many vegetable are unable to provide.

Carrots are special because they are a excellent weight loss food, high in fiber and also they are rich in beta carotene which makes carrot an excellent source of vitamin A and it makes body immunity much strong.

Broccoli is an excellent source of protein and is essentially rich in fiber with almost 0 fat content in it. Which makes it a best to fit in any diet.


  1. Beets –

Beet roots can be eaten straight and its leaves can be consumed too.  Not only are they rich source of potassium but also most of vitamins. They can be consumed raw or cooked, people make pickle which again a great way to make it edible.

Beet roots are linked with major health benefits but some of best are increases the blood flow, makes body good enough to fight against immunity and also is best for with high blood pressure.

Pro tip- Eat it raw mostly.


  1. Dry fruits –

Apricots, dry raisins are a good source of phosphorous, fiber and what not. They come up as an healthy snacks options and can be eaten quite often.

      Raisins are believed to be beneficial since a long time, essentially loaded with a lot of  fiber and it is one of the very cheap dry fruits that you can make use of.

      Expect than you can dry the banana and consume them like that or you can make powder out of dried banana’s and add it in your daily dosage of milk.


  1. Brown rice –

  Brown rice is an easy and cheap substitute for our normal white rice. High in potassium and fiber, brown rice has almost everything that make it rght consumption for the day.

  Brown is also high in antioxidant which also lowers the chances of some serious chronic illness such as cancer etc. It’s a best fit for people wth diabetic isssues and lowers the cholesterol level too.


     What is your normal diet to load the phosphorous content


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